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Xaoi Rishu (IRL: Xiao Hoang) is a loli who lies about her age and has a USI complex, and thinks that she's such a big media star that you need to know every last detail, including and not limited to her bowel movements after a sausage pizza.Xiao thinks that EVERYTHING she does is important, even though it's all filmed from her own room.

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For women who didn't want to show off their bodies, this was a way to set their own rules about getting dressed, engaging with their clothing, and what was considered a "good" outfit.What did throw us for a loop, though, was how empowering they found it, as more than an activity but an identity and a community.A style subculture created by women, to dress women, and to be admired by women, it's one of very few that remove men from the equation entirely.When not camwhoring or working on her kawaii accent, she hangs around the house in an onesie and barely steps outside.When she does, creepy pedophiles recognize and stalk her.Our host Asha Leo visits a group of women in The Netherlands who've come across a newfound confidence in a style that's traveled halfway around the world to find them.

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