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Impersonation Sometimes we want users' requests to be run in the security context of some other user identity. Impersonation is a process in which a user accesses the resources by using the identity of another user.

Authentication, Authorization, Integrity, Confidentiality, Cryptography, Security, Hackers, Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Virtual Private Network, Viruses, Worms, Encryption, Digital Signature, Digital Certificate, Internet Protocols.

* * @return Boolean */ public static function is Url Exists($url, array $fail Code List = array(404)) Let me explains the curl options: CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER: return a string instead of displaying the calling page on the screen.

CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER: c Url won't checkout the certificate CURLOPT_HEADER: include the header in the string CURLOPT_NOBODY: don't include the body in the string CURLOPT_USERAGENT: some site needs that to function properly (by example : const URL = "%^(?

Database security entails allowing or disallowing user actions on the database and the objects within it.

Oracle uses schemas and security domains to control access to data and to restrict the use of various database resources.

And with that greater amount of use, the need for security also increases. To install the applications: Create two virtual directories named CSWebservices and CSWebsite, and map the CSWebservices and CSWebsite virtual directories to the CSWebservices and CSWebsite physical directories on your hard drive. In the Computer Management application, right click on the Users node under the Local Users and Groups node, select New User...

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