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It can be somewhat intimidating to decide which credit card you should choose.

Just remember that different credit cards are designed to appeal to different consumer needs.

And credit cards help to build up a reliable credit history, making it easier for you to purchase a car or a home.

When shopping for a credit card, there are dozens of cards to choose from.

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It pays to ask these kinds of questions before you fill out the application form."It has to make sense, and it has to fit into your overall lifestyle," Mc Clary says.Do you pay off your credit card balances every month?Here are 9 questions you want answered before you sign on the dotted line.The "very first question" the consumer should ask is, "Why am I applying for this card? " says Bruce Mc Clary, media director for Clear Point Credit Counseling Solutions, a nonprofit affiliated with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling Some positive reasons: The card has low or no fees, a lower interest rate or offers a rewards program that suits your spending habits.Within each category, we've ranked the credit cards from best to worst.

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