Who is moises arias dating now


A recent poll conducted for the Celebrity Post shows that a large majority (91%) of respondents think those Moisés Arias death rumors are not funny anymore.

Moisés Arias Death Hoax Dismissed Since Actor Is ‘Alive And Well’On Monday (May 22) the actor's reps officially confirmed that Moisés Arias is not dead.

Though he was supposed to be vastly younger than Cyrus on the show, the two are only a year apart in age.

Arias appeared as a central character on all four seasons of the show, which aired its finale episode in 2011. He's a photographer Though he's kept up his acting career with a few side projects, such as his role in 2013's Ender's Game and as the voice of Antonio in Despicable Me 2, Arias seems to be focused on his photography.

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Under investigation for jake t austin or moises is doing. are moises arias and madison pettis dating Actress madison pettis 2008-06-22 boyfriend, larry david, miley stewart; billy ray cyrus.Moisés has been friends with Willow's brother Jaden for years and considers the Smiths to be like his "second family." The source explained that Willow is "like a little sister to him." Another insider told TMZ that Willow's parents are not concerned about the photo she took with Moisés because they trust her judgement.Do you think Willow and Moisés were out of line when they posted the photo? Moises Arias, the once cute little boy from Hannah Montana, has grown up to be one of the most rebellious actors today.He has managed to gain widespread attention for his roles in blockbuster movies like” The Kings of Summer” , “The Secret World of Arrietty” and “Despicable Me 2.Willow’s celebrity parents Will and Jaden Pinkett-Smith did not issue a statement after the commotion created by the picture.

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