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but it's fully united in telling Simms to pack his headset and beat it. He's been calling games mostly for that network for the better part of 22 years.However, here’s hoping that Simms lands somewhere in the football broadcast world. He's got receipts — he's won two Super Bowls (and one MVP) and called eight of them.Some of them were better at the latter than at the former.Simms was excellent at the former; he was a go-to interview each time, insightful, thoughtful, perceptive, honest, blunt, not afraid to say whether he might be wrong, but willing to stand by what he believed.“We are discussing with Phil his future role with CBS Sports,” CBS Sports Chairman Sean Mc Manus said earlier this week, and oddly ambiguously statement considering the praise he heaped on Simms just last September."I think Phil is vastly under-appreciated and part of that is the overreaction to social media," Mc Manus said going into last season.It can’t be fun for Phil Simms to hear America celebrating his job being given away to somebody else, even more than the country is debating whether that somebody else can even do the job.The nation is divided on Tony Romo as the next great NFL game analyst …

“I’d like to apologize to CBS for this misunderstanding.” However, Chris Simms didn’t apologize for criticizing CBS announcer Jim Nantz, who the former quarterback thinks “signed off” on the network's move to replace his father with Romo.

He played only four games in 2015, twice breaking his collarbone, and a fractured vertebra in his back in the 2016 pre-season proved to be the decisive blow as fourth-round draft pick Prescott seized the main role.

Romo graciously handed over the torch in a November address to the media and was given a farewell cameo in the final game of the regular season against the Philadelphia Eagles, leading an 81-yard drive which he capped with a touchdown pass to Terrance Williams.

He leaves with franchise records of 34,183 passing yards and 248 touchdowns, against 117 interceptions, but won only two play-off games and never appeared in a Super Bowl. Yes, that's the reality." Romo will instead move into the broadcast booth - a move he announced by tweeting a photograph of himself in a blazer with a CBS logo, accompanied by the words: "I guess it's time to start dressing up." Running back Ezekiel Elliott wrote on his own Twitter feed, referencing Romo's jersey number: "Thank you #Number9.

"It was a difficult decision and I went back and forth many times," Romo said on a conference call to announce his move to CBS as a lead analyst. I didn't come to this conclusion lightly." Talk of a trade or free agent move for Romo has dominated the off-season, with the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos frequently mentioned as possible suitors who could offer him a shot at going out on a high - as fellow veteran Peyton Manning did two years ago by winning the Super Bowl with the Broncos. Good luck to your new career in broadcasting." Bitter sweet moment today! Wanted to get yelled at 1 last time for getting too close to him in camp 😂 https://t.co/1JU7dy81br — Tyrone Crawford 🇨🇦 (@TCrawford98) April 4, 2017Another team-mate Tyrone Crawford added: "Bitter sweet moment today! " The Cowboys retweeted Crawford's post and owner Jerry Jones said in a statement: "We wish Tony and his family nothing but the best.

The duo who has been called out before by former Cowboy Terrell Owens has finally come clean.

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