Sprung dating game ds


A fine line must be walked, and daters must be nice and sweet, filthy and suggestive, or even cold and aloof, to keep on top of the game.

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You quickly realise that the game's sole challenge is, in fact, just a tiresome and completely brainless process of elimination.Having to play through a scene several times before eventually hitting on the correct sequence of responses is made all-the-more torturous thanks to dialogue which is absolute piffle and an utterly repugnant cast of characters who are a banal blend of stereotypical Hollywood teen movie types.Given Sprung's creative vacuum, it's no surprise that the touch-screen is practically redundant, used simply to scroll through and select conversation choices.There is also unused dialogue for items that are impossible for Becky or Brett to ever receive in their respective paths or never have an opportunity of using on certain characters.Ever wanted to know what our senior members are up to in their spare time? Then take a look at our brand new Bacon Bits: The Baconeer Blogs and see what they have to say!Making ingenious use of the DS’s twin screens, Sprung shows your character on the bottom screen, and the person you are flirting with on the top screen.

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