Organic farmer dating


The bread-making class was conducted in Cantonese but our teacher helped translate the important parts for us into English.

But I also had my own agenda: I wanted to know if I moved to the country whether there would be someone there worth having a relationship with.

Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent certifying compay, assures that ODG is in compliance with the above organic standards.

QAI annually inspects, verifies and, upon compliance, issues ODG its Organic Certification for the year.

Di Meo Farms has over 68,000 LIKES with happy customers on our Facebook profile, just like the pre-retirement and retired couples from all across America who call us when they hear how great Di Meo blueberry plants really are. Let it start generating gross yearly income of up to between ,000 to ,000 per acre if you sell your blueberries direct retail to the public.

We help them start their own little blueberry patch so they can sell fresh healthy "locally grown" Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom blueberries direct from their own little roadside fruit stand, farmers markets, CSA program or u-pick blueberry farm, to generate retirement income during retirement years with our ULTRA-HEAVY BEARING Di Meo blueberry bushes that yield more pounds of giant, nickel and quarter-size blueberries, just like these below. Our Di Meo farmer can automatically give you a nice blueberry variety mix of early, mid and late-season variety blueberry bushes so you can pick blueberries all Summer long for #1) a nice extended blueberry harvest season ALL SUMMER LONG #2) good cross-pollination for increased blueberry production and yield #3) BIG quarter-size blueberries, not small #4) sweet berries, not sour #5) tasty & flavorful blueberries #6) popular and productive varieties.

Also no chemicals or pesticides are used in the gardens.

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