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I’m a hopeless romantic, an over-thinker and very tunnel-visioned when it comes to crushing on someone.

I’m a proper girl’s girl but I currently live with two fabulous single boys in central London, which can provide some real insights when it comes to observing their behaviour in regard to girls. He ran over and got my number, then took me to The American Diner for dinner the next week. Don’t get me wrong, I love a burger and fries, but for a first or even second date I’m not sure burgers should really make it into the mix – or am I just being fussy?

This week Monty has been up to quite a lot of mischief, he has: sprayed himself liberally with Charlotte Tilbury perfume (it's pretty potent and he stank); made a 'potion' with my brand new Simple eye makeup remover and almost used it all up; and last night painted his tummy and face with glitter nail varnish because he wanted it to look 'like a super hero symbol'.

By contrast, Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment are super-predators against the Black community and the Black nation and have a long, conscious history of encouraging mass incarceration. The Sanders campaign is refusing to capitulate to the Clinton machine and the Democratic Party establishment and plans to bring a real political struggle into the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

He also has a real chance to win – and if not, to keep the pressure on Clinton and force substantial and enforceable concessions.

If you want to learn how to choose better men and relationships, then dive into Dating After Divorce – 3 Things You Need to Know.“Actually, to be truthful, I’ve been in a string of unhealthy relationships ever since I was 15.” The good news is that she recognizes her pattern: she gravitates towards wrong men and stays in unhealthy relationships.

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