Kaspersky updating agent


* The option of selecting update agents automatically or assigning them manually in the Administration Server properties has been added.

* The offline model of update download has been implemented.

When Update task runs, it makes a minor change to the start delay time so it is no longer the same value set when profile is applied.

Kaspersky Update component has a feature to avoid starting updates immediately after system is started (start delay time).And after that, I didn’t bother to open Kaspersky as I was under the impression that it would automatically download the database and requires no manual intervention but I was wrong.About 5 days ago, I found that Kaspersky isn’t updating the virus database automatically, and decided to find a fix for this issue.Before you start troubleshooting, make sure that your system date and time is correct as Kaspersky depends on your system date and time to download virus database. With default settings, Kaspersky products regularly connect to the server and download available updates automatically.But if you have changed this default setting, you need to set back it to download updates automatically by following given below instructions: Step 1: Launch Kaspersky.Then click on the video to watch video tutorials on everything from Design, to Installation and Deployment, Controls, Mobile Security and more.

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