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- junhyung and goo hara moment junhara [05122012 mbc kpop live]youtube." since then he's moved on to conquering asia and the heart of miss a's suzy.But I was wondering, your relationship doesn't seem like it was that passionate? Hara answered, "As I've said before, our Japanese promotions were very long. When the MCs caught onto her words, she confessed, "I'm just trying to cover myself up."The conversation continued toward the point where Kyuhyun said, "If I open my mouth, Hara will be over." Hara exploded, burst up and said, "What do you mean, I'll be over?! because if they knew she was already getting extremely upset but they still went on then they're being assholes, if they didn't know then that means they're not very effective hosts.That's all I'll say."As the MCs kept joking, they got to a point where the MCs said, "To pull the cloth over Hara, either Jiyoung or Seungyeon has to date." Hara spoke up immediately and said, "Date! I think they're seasoned hosts too, I could be wrong though.it was in this past month (month of august), that hara was seen hanging out with male model, lee soohyuk, and instantly people went on the defense and called hara a slut.the comments that hara received because she was hanging out with another male, were extremely harsh, criticizing her and saying that she was a loose woman and that she was basically moving on too fast (which is really none of people’s business) and then calling her a slut and saying she had too many dating scandals.now, you’re wondering what dating scandals hara has had. ", and Yoon Jong Shin said, "We'll take that question out." Hara then hesitantly answered, "I don't want to talk about dating." Yoon Jong Shin then joked, "That's way too broad. Yoon Jong Shin answered, "It's because if we take out the 'dating' category when we talk to girl groups, then we can't talk about a bulk of things."SEE ALSO: 2PM's Taecyeon discusses the topics of entering the Western market, joining the army, and more Kyuhyun then added, "She's the dating-dol." Hara glared at him and said, "What?

basically, junhyung tried to go near hara but for some whythehellyoudidn'tdoit reason he just took off without saying anything to hara or atleast say hi to her.hara had been in a committed relationship for three entire years with beast’s junhyung, and in january of this year, they broke up.now, yes breaking up from a long term relationship is very sad, and we all understand that.Definitely a welcome thing, that the fans are getting more mature.Earlier this week, Korean media outlet Dispatch published several photos of Hara, G-Dragon, Sulli and Ga-In's recent trip to Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea.I know ; Kyuhyun can become annoying and even offensive, but he is very joker, that's his personality and im sure he also apologized after this.

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