Geek love dating

If you’re weary of the same setup or need something outside the box to break up your Internet-inspired social life, there are options.

Best of all is the villain of the piece, The Malus, who put the willies right up me as young boy.

Consequently, they try harder to please, and you will be the beneficiary of all this trying :-) But what people really want in a mate, the thing that truly makes a relationship last, is a mind-stimulating companion.

It is in this category that the geek stands above all.

For instance, on a romantic star-lit evening, it is the geek who can point out that the stars actually have colour, show you the Red Giants in the sky, or perhaps explain the origins of Cassiopeia, making the night sky so much more magical.

While out on a picnic in the park, it is the geek that can tell you the names of every bird and their mating rituals, and the geek who will not only pick you a wildflower bouquet, but recite the names of each lovely flower.

A recent study claims that algorithm-based dating sites aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner this could put the more Web-savvy among us on edge.

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