Droid x facebook contacts pictures not updating Free adult webchat in alabama

i have syncing automatically and manually through settings..no luck. Android is not limited to anything in your digital world.Suddenly over night, my facebook account stopped syncing with my phone contacts so that I don't have people linked with their facebooks and their pictures.I tried logging out of both the official Facebook for Android app and the Facebook "app" under My Accounts.

I searched around, and it seems like many people (if not everyone) are experiencing this problem.

If you select Don't Allow, anytime you want to upload a pic to Facebook, you'll be presented with a "lock" screen saying it doesn't have access. Anytime you want to allow or deny access to photos for any app, you can do so under this same menu.

It's the same for all of your other data, too, including location services and contacts, so you can tweak all those permissions here as well.

This merges all of the information into a single contact.

As this is my first Android phone, I cannot be sure how much of this is basic Android functionality, but I am under the impression a lot of it is from Motorola's MOTOBLUR, and is specific to Motorola handsets.

Is there a way to prod MOTOBLUR into resync'ing Facebook profile portraits?

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