Dating a woman in an open marriage

And by now, most women are familiar with the statistic heard 'round the world, publicized in an article in "The New York Times" in January. Marriage isn't entirely working, at least for a subset of the population. To look into that very question, I created a Personals profile on, a site that encourages candid dialog about sex through blogs, feature stories, fiction and photography.At this time in our history, for the first time ever, there are more women living that are single than are married. I became, for the purposes of this story, a woman looking for fun times with couples (man and woman)--yes, this is a check-box option there--and thus was permitted to peruse through other similar profiles.When I think about open marriages, I can only conjure a stereotype: deeply unsatisfied adults, most likely going through a mid-life crisis, pathetically searching for hot sex as a solution.You know, key parties, "The Ice Storm." It is difficult for me to think of it as something new or current, or as something my friends would do. Plenty of intelligent, successful, hip people are considering the not-quite-forsaking-all-others option on 'til-death-do-us-part.But while, I am thankful for the growth and self-discovery, all the other sh!t is not what I want nor is it what I will accept anymore. A messed up person will be a messed up person—whether in an open, poly, or monogamous relationship. With all that being said, I am leaving the open relationship.

One of the most popular articles that we've ever had on Your Tango was written by Jenny Block and discussed the taboo and personal topic of open marriage (click here for it).

We're not saying that we agree with I read through these comments, and I see mostly hatred, shame, and guilt from the "happily monogamous" crowd, and mostly sharing, loving, and life from the "you go girl" crowd.

My feelings are definitely leaning towards the "you go girl", and here's a slice of my life, so you can decide for yourself why I feel that way.

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