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But other issues prove to be more problematic, like ”if you have different religions and this can't be reconciled, or if you have different ways of managing money and expenses,” says Alpert, who insists these dissimilarities can lead to complications.Work can be demanding, family matters need attention, and errands must be run, but if the lady in your life is constantly MIA, it’s time to break it off.

This article is for those guys with a massive bank account that would make a lady stammer and also for the guys working hard to make their money that are genuinely interested in dating, relationship and marriage.

Getting to Know Her Listening to What She Says Seeing the Physical Signs Avoiding Misreading Her Cues Asking Her Out Community Q&A So you have your heart set on a girl but aren't sure she feels the same way.

You want to ask her out, and you think there's a good chance she likes you back, but how can you be sure?

There are so many gold diggers out there but I’m most definitely sure that after today, you would know a lady that’s sincerely after you or one that’s in for the money.

I bring you 10 sure signs she’s only after your money and note; you should be ready to take some of these extreme measures. DISCOVER HER HAPPY MOMENTSIf you can spot a difference between her happiest moments and her normal moments then you can definitely tell if she is into you or your wallet.

Gone are the “good ol’ days” our grandparents lived in, when a guy would simply show a girl his interest by flat out telling her, and asking her out on a date (or in my grandparent’s case, skipping the dating phase altogether thanks to the bluntness of arranged marriages, and pretty much proposing right there and then).

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